Darwin Nightcliff Lions Club

District 201C2, Northern Territory, Australia

Hearing Dogs

The wonderful Howie has passed all the tests and is now a fully trained Lions Hearing Dog for hearing impaired Kerry of Palmerston.

Howie will hear for Kerry those sounds the rest of us take for granted such as the door bell, the mobile, the landline or the oven timer. Howie gets Kerry's attention by pawing him and leading Kerry the the sound. When the smoke alarm sounds Howie gets Kerry's attention and then lies down to tell Kerry it is the smoke alarm.

Howie was initially trained by Lions Hearing Dogs professional trainer Darren Coldwell in Adelaide. He arrived during last years wet season and took some time to acclimatise to the Territory humidity. Nightcliff Lions sponsored Howie. The training at Kerry's house was done weekly by volunteers Martin and Craig from Nightcliff Lions with extra help from Peg & Des Gellert of Casuarina Lions. Casuarina Lions had already brought the first hearing dog to Darwin and now are training the third hearing dog.

Lions Hearing Dogs costs $30,000 to train. This covers the initial purchase of the dog from the shelter, food, veterinary tests and treatments, staff for training and kennel management and more.

To support Lions Hearing Dogs order the Hearing Dogs 2017 Calendar. Howie is on the front cover!

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